Dr Oren Griffiths

Flinders University
Research Field: Psychology

The world is a complex place and our brains can only concentrate on a few things at once, however the brain is continuously and passively monitoring our surrounding environment for change. The disruption of these “pre-attentive” processes, subtle, low-level components of attention, are disrupted in people with schizophrenia or Parkinson’s.

Dr Griffiths research studies the interactions between knowledge, uncertainty and selective attention. He is currently focused on using electrophysiological measures to study pre-attentive and covert attentional processes.

Oren’s science communication has included many media interviews, community presentations, as well as the development of a device for the BrainyBee program, that allowed students to compare neural activity while completing puzzles. Dr Griffiths received his PhD from the University of New South Wales in 2009, and is currently a lecturer at Flinders University.