Dr Daniel King

The University of Adelaide
Research Field: Psychology, Behavioural addictions

While digital technologies can have many benefits, they can also be overused and generate problems for many individuals and their families. Video gaming becomes problematic when players develop an online identity that demands a daily playing schedule, always meeting social obligations to play, and striving for constant rewards and challenges.

Dr King’s research focuses on ‘Internet gaming disorder’ and its conceptualization, measurement, prevention, and treatment. His work has identified practical ways to combat excessive gaming, such as challenging unhelpful thoughts, understanding the ways that games are designed to be addictive, and promoting ‘technology-free’ days and engagement in other activities.

Daniel actively promotes his research findings in an array of areas, including at public lectures and at events focused on gambling addiction, contributes to online resources for parents through the Raising Children website, and engaged with young people about the benefits and drawbacks of technology. Dr King received his PhD from The University of Adelaide in 2010, and is currently a senior research fellow at The University of Adelaide.