Dr Stephanie Schoeppe

Research Field: Physical Activity and Public Health

Making a real difference to the health of Australian children through community-delivered
interventions and engagement with key community partners, parents and children is an
essential part of Dr Schoeppe’s work.

Dr Schoeppe considers herself as a physical activity and public health scientist. Her
research area involves ‘Physical Activity’, ‘Health Behaviour Change’, ‘Health Promotion’
and ‘Public Health’ with the main focus being on physical activity and sedentary
behaviour in children and adolescents. She also has a focus on adults particularly
parents to a lesser extent.

Through her work with the ‘Step it Up Family Program’, delivered to Yeppoon and
Rockhampton-based families in 2017/2018, she engaged with the Livingstone Shire
Council, the Rockhampton Regional Council, and local counsellors and politicians for
program promotion.

More specifically, her work involves conducting research on measurement, and
interventions to improve physical activity and sedentary behaviours in children and
families through the use of technology (e.g., apps, wearable activity trackers).
She is strongly motivated to nurture an active healthy lifestyle in children and thrives
on leading physical activity research that makes a difference for child health
at the community, national and international level.