Dr Katia Bazaka

Research Field: Plasma nanoscience

Looking like the glow from the “Star Wars” blue lightsabre, a jet of plasma can sterilise
fruit without damaging its delicate texture or flavour, decontaminate medical equipment
in the age of virulent hospital-borne infections, and remove pollutants from wastewater.

Plasma is similar to a gas but carries a charge, which gives it unique properties – like
the ability to carry electrical currents and generate magnetic fields
Dr Bazaka studies the fundamental processes occurring when low-temperature
plasmas come into contact with different types of matter and then uses this
fundamental knowledge to develop devices and processes that can transform
materials or their properties in a controlled way. One example is breaking down and
reforming biomass and waste into value-added materials.

Her study also includes how to develop “smart” materials that can respond to
the effects of plasma to enable highly localised healing of worn areas, or in-flight
modification of device properties to extend working life and maximize efficiency of
these devices.