Dr Caitlin Curtis

Research Field: Genomics and Society

Dr Curtis is an experienced molecular biologist, whose multidisciplinary research
investigates the ethical, legal and social implications of the translation of genomic
research and the use of genetic technology in healthcare.

She is the lead research fellow on the University of Queensland’s Genomics in Society initiative, which is a
multi-disciplinary research effort, considering the implications of the advances and
uptake of genomics, and a member of the Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications of
genomics group (‘ELSI’) within the Queensland Genomic Health Alliance.

She is also involved in genomics projects involving two species of disease-vector
mosquitos, through co-supervision of PhD students at UQ. Her other research involves
the creation of a secure genomics data sharing and storage technology platform, for
which she has applied for a provisional patent and is working to develop with Uniquest
(UQ’s research commercialisation entity).