Dr Benjamin Allen

Research Field: Wildlife conservation and management

As a wildlife researcher and management expert Dr Allen specialises in applied,
large-scale manipulative experimentation to investigate and develop practical
evidence-based solutions for resolving human conflict with wildlife, particularly
livestock predators. His work is primarily in extensive agricultural production systems
in Australia, but also in peri-urban areas and farming communities in southern Africa
and southeast Asia.

Primary areas of research include wildlife biology, behaviour, impacts, interspecific
interactions, trophic cascades, population dynamics and environmental drivers of
population change, and the effects of management interventions on these.

This includes improved animal ethics and welfare decision-making, and policy
related to evidence-based wildlife management practices and requires strong
collaboration and research leadership with multiple individual researchers and
research organisations.

Previous research on dingoes has led to the development of new commercial
products, tools, practices and policies affecting dingo management, as well as more
ethical and humane dingo management practices increasingly being adopted by
livestock producers both here and overseas.