A/Prof Jyotsna Batra

Research Field: Genetics: prostate cancer

Understanding the genetic basis of prostate cancer to identify better diagnostic
and prognostic biomarkers and new therapeutic targets, is the focus of Batra’s research.

She has contributed significantly to genome-wide association studies (GWAS)
through leadership of the Brisbane node of the international prostate cancer
genetics consortium, PRACTICAL. She has also made seminal contributions by
delineating the biomarker/therapeutic potential of genetic variations in microRNA
(miRNA) target genes, identifying 22 miRSNPs significantly associated with
prostate cancer risk.

This large-scale prostate cancer genetic research on miRSNPs and functional
studies on these also suggest a potential role in prostate cancer pathogenesis.
Post-GWAS research also identified SNPs influencing Prostate Specific Antigen
(PSA and interpretation of PSA testing might need correction for these risk-
associated PSA genetic variants.

This has clinical potential to improve current PSA testing, potentially reducing
over-diagnosis, over-treatment and the resultant reduced quality of life for men with
prostate cancer world-wide.

Genetics: prostate cancer