Dr Noushin Nasiri

Dr Noushin Nasiri
Macquarie University
Research Field: Nanotechnoloy

Dr Noushin Nasiri is an engineer in the field of nanotechnology whose research aims to develop breath tests that can diagnose diseases like diabetes and breast cancer in their very early stages.

Her research is focused on developing nanosensors to facilitate early, non-invasive disease diagnosis through biomarkers in our breath.
Each nanosensor is made of billions of nanoparticles and is only a few atoms across, so small it could fit inside our phones and check our health daily.

The implications of Noushin’s research are far-reaching – a breath test is cheaper and less invasive than existing tests and almost instantaneous, which could make detection more widely accessible on a global scale and result in higher recovery rates and lower treatment costs.

Outside the lab, Noushin has presented her research widely, including at TEDx Sydney Salon, on the ABC’s Ockham’s Razor and at Sydney Spark Festival. Noushin shares her passion for STEM with the next generation of researchers by regularly supporting primary and high school events.

Dr Noushin Nasiri was awarded her PhD by the Australian National University in 2017 and is currently a Lecturer with the School of Engineering at Macquarie University.