Mr Bradley Moggridge

University of Canberra
Research Field: Indigenous Knowledge and Cultural Values of Water

Australia is the driest inhabited continent on Earth yet has been home to thousands of generations. Traditional knowledge of finding and re-finding water sites has always been integral to Australia’s First Peoples for survival in an arid landscape and protecting water remains a cultural obligation.

The challenge for First Peoples is to ensure their relationship with water is celebrated by all Australians, not diminished by modern water planning or excluded from environmental flow management.

Bradley Moggridge explores historical challenges and institutional responses in integrating First Peoples’ cultural values into water planning and management, coupled with on-the-ground applications of cultural value water for two Western NSW Rivers. Finally, Bradlet investigates how integrating First People’s perspectives into water management has worked in New Zealand.

Bradley Moggridge is currently a PhD Candidate and IAE Advisor at the University of Canberra.