Dr AJ Mitchell

Australian National University
Research Field: Experimental Nuclear Physics

Dr Alan-John (AJ) Mitchell aims to discover how atomic nuclei behave and how we can use them to help society, for example by making nuclear power stations safer after they’re switched off or developing new instruments to detect radiation.

Dr Mitchell looks for patterns in radiation from atomic nuclei to figure out how life’s building blocks are held together and how they’re created when stars explode. The physicist’s research has provided deeper insights into nuclear structure and radioactive decay.

AJ’s public extensive outreach includes hosting groups for hands-on visits to a particle-accelerator laboratory, including high-school students and their teachers. AJ runs workshops to train high school science teachers in Timor Leste and established a program that engages in physics training and research with the University of Yangon in Myanmar. Dr Mitchell received his PhD from the University of Manchester in 2012 and is currently a Research Fellow with the Australian National University.