Dr Michelle Tate

Dr Michelle Tate

Hudson Institute of Medical Research, Monash University
Research Field: Innate Immunity & Infectious Diseases

Every year, 5-10% of our community will be infected with influenza and become sick with flu. When we have a severe flu season, this can reach 30-50%. The influenza virus can mutate very easily, which makes preventing infection with effective vaccines difficult.

Dr Tate’s research has examined the interactions of influenza with the host, identifying new methods whereby influenza causes severe disease. Her research examines the efficacy of treatments that target host molecules, rather than the virus. Her novel approach is laying the ground work to facilitate new influenza drug development.

Michelle actively communicates her enthusiasm for science widely, including though Girls in Science Breakfasts, a wide range of media, and at the Melbourne Town Hall public event Vaccination Café. Dr Tate received her PhD from the University of Melbourne in 2010, and is currently an NHMRC Career Development Fellow and Research Group Head at Hudson Institute of Medical Research.