Dr Jacinda Ginges

University of Queensland
Research Field: Atomic Physics

The standard model of particle physics is the elegant mathematical model that sums up our understanding of particles and their interactions. It combines the weak and electromagnetic forces into one picture. While remarkably successful, it is widely considered to be an approximation to a theory that includes the strong force and possibly gravity. The search for physics beyond the standard model is considered to be one of the most important and challenging problems in modern science.
New physics may be discovered at large-scale colliders by smashing particles together at higher and higher energies. It is less well-known that by keeping atoms intact and going to higher and higher precision, signatures of new physics may be seen. These experiments fit on a table and require ingenuity, finesse, and years of dedicated hard work. They also require atomic calculations, matched to the exquisite precision of measurements, for interpretation in terms of fundamental parameters.

Dr Ginges is an atomic theorist and my research lies in the precision approach for new physics searches. Her work attempts to answer some of the biggest questions in science, including: Why is there more matter than antimatter in our universe? What is the nature of dark matter?

  • Atomic Physics
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