Dr Hosam Zowawi

University of Queensland
Research Field: Infectious Diseases, Antimicrobial Resistance

Dr Hosam Zowawi is interested in hospital-acquired infections, particularly those caused by antimicrobial resistant microorganism. As a clinical microbiologist he recognised the need to develop more rapid diagnostic tools aid initial medical management and implementation of stringent infection control precautions.
Dr Zowawi is studying multidrug resistant Gram-negative bacilli isolated from the Gulf countries of the Middle East. A major part of my work is focusing on carbepenem resistance; one of the last-line antibiotics. This project is giving a snapshot about the predominant antibiotic resistance mechanisms associated with Gram-negative bacilli in the region, as well as novel resistance mechanisms. Results generated from this project will highlight the importance of initiating active surveillance on multidrug resistance in the Gulf States.
Dr Zowawi has also developed the innovative diagnostic tool Rapid Superbugs™ to rapidly identify antibiotic resistant bacteria. This application will provide through molecular epidemiology of multidrug resistant pathogens, potentially allow the implementation of targeted treatment in early state of the infection to control the spread of multidrug resistant pathogens.
To limit the inappropriate use of antibiotics, Hosam and his team have launched awareness campaigns to educate the people about the threat of superbugs and the need of using antibiotics wisely.