Dr Emily Callander

Health Economics
James Cook University

Dr Callander’s research uses microsimulation techniques to look at the current distribution of healthcare and ensure there is a good match between the needs of patients and the care that is delivered in the future. She uses economic models to determine whether proposed new medical treatments benefit poorer people, equally as well as they benefit financially better-off people. She is currently collaborating with a number of clinicians on several projects including using a mobile phone app to raise maternal awareness of foetal movements to prevent stillbirth and the introduction of a routine third ultrasound during pregnancy to prevent intrapartum foetal compromise. Furthermore, it also looks at how new medical treatments effect the labour force participation of patients, and hence national productivity rates. This research will allow policy makers to determine whether proposed new medical treatments will make our health system more efficient and more equitable.

Emily has attempted to communicate her work to the general community, through the use two active Twitter accounts and actively seeking interviews with mainstream media to communicate her work. She is also planning to extend her partnerships with healthcare providers beyond Queensland to neighbouring countries.

  • Early Childhood Health Economics
  • Maternal Health Economics
  • Health Economics
  • Health Policy
  • Public Health