Dr Christopher Doropoulos

Marine and Estuarine Ecology, Ecological impacts of climate changes
CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere

Dr Doropoulos focuses on how ecological interactions, including competition and predation, are altered by climate change, and how such changes can alter the ability of tropical corals and algae to recolonize reefs. He conducts experiments in the laboratory and also on the reef, using tiny coral larvae, investigating their settlement behaviour, their interactions with different types of algae, and how well they grow and survive when they interact with different fish. He then uses the data to create computer simulation models that predict how successful coral recolonization will be in different climate change scenarios. This work has led to major breakthroughs in understanding how reefs will respond to current and future climate change, and helps managers adopt strategies that aid in reef conservation.

Chris has spent time at bridging the gap between environmental science and the broad community by volunteering with conservation organisations, acting as a snorkel guide on the reef and conducting school seminars on Heron Island. More recently he has expanded my engagement to local stakeholders (public, managers) in Palau and western-Australia, and mentoring of younger researchers at universities and NGOs

  • Coral Recovery
  • Coral Recruitment
  • Coral Reefs
  • Marine Ecology
  • Estuarine Ecology
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