Dr Anjali Jaiprakash


Queensland University of Technology

Dr Jaiprakash works at the intersection of medicine, engineering and design, helping people to see and walk by designing devices that translate robotics and vision technologies into affordable systems that can be used to improve healthcare outcomes. Firstly, the development of a vision-based robotic leg-manipulation system to be used for knee surgery which is typically difficult, complex and hard to learn. Her team has broken down this surgery into several discrete parts that, when combined, will ultimately allow a robot to perform much of this, and similar, surgeries. Secondly she is developing a retinal diagnostic system to replace the expensive and complex cameras currently used to detect abnormalities such as glaucoma or macular degeneration. This will have far reaching impacts globally.

As an ATSE-ambassador, Anjali has conducted significant outreach activities at public and regional Queensland primary and high schools. She also showcased the importance of medical robots on Channel-10’s national science show “Scope”. She has 3 articles published in “The Conversation” that have been republished in international forums including The Huffington Post and Gizmodo. As a scientist at the “Wonder of Extreme Science” event at QUT, she was able to engage with high-school students.

  • Medical Robotics
  • Robotics
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Autonomous Systems
  • Electronic Engineering