Dr Alienor Chauvenet

Conservation Science
University of Queensland

Biodiversity is disappearing at an alarming rate worldwide and with it the benefits humans derive from protecting animal and plant species, including clean water, flood and cyclone protection and tourism revenue. Dr Chauvenet’s research focuses on finding the most cost-efficient, solutions to biodiversity conservation problems by developing statistical and computer models based on ecological data. She has contributed to the conservation of iconic species, such as the Sumatran tiger and African cheetah. Her research shows that if we select the right conservation actions, at the right time, we can save more species and habitats for the same amount of money. Her work as a conservation scientist is at the interface of ecology, mathematics and social science, and contributes to safeguarding species for the future.

Alienor has published several articles about her research in the magazine Decision Point, as well as being featured on the ARC Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions’ website and Facebook page. In 2016, she organised the first ever Australian Soapbox Science event in Brisbane, during which 12 amazing women scientists, from student to Professors who work in all STEMM disciplines, showcased their work.

  • Quantitative Ecology
  • Design of Protected Areas
  • Species Population Dynamics
  • Climate Change
  • Species Conservation
  • Conservation Management
  • Conservation Science
  • Biology