Dr Edith Chow

Dr Edith Chow_NSW_portrait_low_res


Imagine having a hand-held device that can alert you of your health condition at an early stage, which is cheap and simple enough to use by everyone. Dr Chow believes that such a vision can be achieved by using multiple sensors on a chip as tiny as a fingernail. Her sensor chip is not just applicable to the healthcare sector, but can also be tailored for multiple applications (environmental, health and food sectors), providing direct improvements to our quality of life in many ways. A major advancement she has made in the field of chemiresistors is direct sensing in electrolyte solution, something previously deemed impossible due to solution conductivity effects.

Edith was a Young Nanotechnology Ambassador for NSW in 2010 visiting local and regional schools to bring awareness in nanotechnology and science careers. She is a regular presenter at the National Youth Science Forum, sharing her scientific journey to students, parents, teachers and Rotarians. Edith participated in the Scientists in Schools program and partnered with her former high school.

  • Nanosensors
  • Nanotechnology
  • Electrochemistry
  • Chemistry