Associate Professor Igor Aharonovich

AProf Igor Aharonovich_NSW_portrait_low_res

University of Technology, Sydney
Nanoscale engineering

To observe, understand and potentially control the many important biological processes that occur within individual cells of our body, we need high magnifications and we need to be able to tag parts of the cell with uniquely designed markers. Associate Professor Aharonovich’s research focuses on developing such a toolkit: employing tiny, ultra-bright diamond crystals or ‘nanodiamonds’. Compatible with body tissue and non-toxic, nanodiamonds are an attractive marker for use in cells. His research aims to increase the brightness of nanodiamonds and develop processes to attach them to specific parts of a cell for use as therapeutic agents.

Igor takes many opportunities to engage with the media, writing commentaries and opinion articles about cutting edge research and major events (e.g. “Brilliant explosions”, Nature Materials, 2012 about the Ig-Nobel prize). He has also presented his research at lectures for the Australian Institute of Physics, and Royal Society of NSW. At UTS he has been involved in promoting research activities through MRS-TV.

  • Materials Science
  • Nanophotonics
  • Nanotechnology
  • Materials Science
  • Physics