Dr Peter Peeling

Dr Peter PeelingUniversity of Western Australia

Research Field: Human Movement and Sports Science

Iron deficiency is the world’s most common nutrient disorder and is suggested to impact up to 11% and 35% of male and female athletes, respectively. Dr Peter Peeling investigates the impact of iron and its associated regulating hormones on the human body.

Peter’s research has shown that one of the main hormones the body produces to regulate the absorption of iron increases with exercise. This hormone inhibits iron uptake, so his work is currently focused on reducing the influence of this hormone after exercise, with the goal of improving an athlete’s iron stores.

An avid triathlete himself, Peter has experience relating his research in his role as coach and mentor. He likewise worked at the WA Institute of Sport throughout the Beijing and London Olympic preparation. He is a regular presenter at community sports clubs on the topics of athlete preparation and nutrition.