Dr Brendan Kennedy

Dr Brendan KennedyThe University of Western Australia

Research Field: Biomedical engineering

Breast cancer is the leading cancer-related disease in women in Australia and accounts for 15% of female cancer deaths. Surgery to remove the cancer is key to treatment but surgeons still often have to rely on their sense of touch to determine if they have removed all the cancer. In WA around 1-in-4 breast cancer patients will need a second surgery to remove cancers that were missed the first time.

Dr Brendan Kennedy has led the development of micro-elastography, a novel imaging technique that identifies tumours based on their stiffness. In a short time he has taken this technology from the laboratory to the cusp of clinical validation. Very soon he hopes that the technique will be providing surgeons with a new tool to improve assessment and removal of cancer during surgery.

Brendan’s research into medical imaging has provided him an excellent platform to engage with the community. Among other things he has coordinated school visits to UWA’s Optical + Biomedical Engineering Laboratory as well as organise activities for several of the lab’s Open Days.