Dr Tristan Clemons

Dr Tristan ClemonsThe University of Western Australia

Research Field: Nanotechnology

Dr Tristan Clemons studies the synthesis and application of polymeric nanoparticles suitable for the delivery of therapeutics. In heart attack victims, Tristan’s research is aiming to deliver drugs to cells that are vulnerable to the injury but that could be saved. Such treatments will hopefully result in increased cell survival and could result in improved patient survival.

Tristan’s work on cancer could be equally important by developing nanoparticles that can deliver highly specific drugs effectively and directly to cancerous tissues without the debilitating side effects of current treatments.

Throughout his career, Tristan has been involved in a range of volunteer student outreach programs such as Scientists in Schools and UWA’s Travelling Scientist program. He has spoken to WA teachers through the state’s Science Teachers Association conferences and his research has been featured across a wide range of media.