Dr Sue-Ann Watson

Dr Sue-Ann WatsonARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies/James Cook University

Research Field: Marine Biology

Dr Sue-Ann Watson investigates the effects of rising carbon dioxide on ocean animals. Marine invertebrates are essential for ecosystem function and provide significant goods and services to human societies. Sue-Ann’s research focuses on the ecological and evolutionary effects of global change on these invertebrates.

Her work has recently shown that ocean acidification not only harms invertebrate shell production, but also impairs marine invertebrate behaviour including essential predator-escape responses. These altered species interactions due to rising CO2 could have far reaching implications for marine food webs.

Sue-Ann regularly participates in public talks at aquariums and zoos, and maintains a strong online presence blogging on research. She has also recently been awarded a grant from the Save Our Seas Foundation, during which she will be keeping an online blog about her giant clam research project.