Dr Lara Herrero

Dr Lara HerreroGriffith University

Research Field: Virology

In 2004 Dr Lara Herrero was diagnosed with Ross River Virus, the result of being bitten by an infected mosquito. A decade later Lara’s research focuses specifically on arboviruses such as Ross River and dengue fever in an attempt to prevent others from suffering as she did.

Viruses in our bodies survive by hijacking healthy cells. Lara is developing ways to either stop such virus transmission or to treat viral inflammatory diseases. Her research has discovered a potential new treatment strategy for viral arthritis and has led to among the first primary cell-culture models for studying virus-induced arthritis. She is now looking into the mechanisms of virus/mosquito interactions.

Lara is an active science communicator, regularly committing to rural and even international opportunities to share her passion for her work. She is an on-going science columnist for the Canberra Times and a frequent guest presenter to students and teachers on current science topics of global significance.