Dr Scott Ling


Dr Scott Ling
Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies, University of Tasmania
Marine Ecology

Dr Ling’s research focuses on understanding how the interaction of climate change and other external factors have contributed to the collapse of rocky eco systems. His ongoing work has been centered around the temperate coastal waters in eastern Tasmania and has shown that fishing has affected the levels of predator species has flow on effect to kelp beds in the region. His research has helped to demonstrate that the management of living marine resources under climate change must aim to achieve a more natural local balance between predators and prey so marine systems can better deal with the challenges in the future.

Scott’s work has enabled him to present his work to many varied audiences spanning from the fishing industry to conservation groups. He has also conducted “citizen science” workshops and seeks to engage coastal communities who will be most affected by a change in the marine ecosystem.  He also acts as an advisor for the volunteer conservation group, WildMob, to aid in the development of a national program providing temperate reef experiences for high school students.

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