Dr Rosanne Guijt

University of Tasmania
Research Field: Laboratory on a Chip

Dr Rosanne Guijt develops and manufactures Lab on a Chip systems, microchip-based detection and analysis devices that will make laboratory techniques faster and more efficient. Rosanne’s research crosses many traditional boundaries, stretching from separation science and cell culture to micro-fabrication, fluid dynamics and micro-reactors.

With applications ranging from chemical and pharmaceutical analysis to agriculture and cell culture analysis, Lab on a Chip systems have the benefit of being highly portable, more efficient and environmentally sustainable. The development of such devices with ‘sample in-answer out’ capability will initiate a new era in pharmaceutics, enabling therapeutic drug monitoring for personalised medicine, greater water management proficiency and portable laboratory analysis. Her research will provide scientists and health professionals with new tools for applications as diverse as their imagination.

  • Smart Sensors
  • Materials
  • Nanotechnology
  • Chemistry