Dr Kristofer Thurecht

The University of Queensland
Research Field: Materials Chemistry and Nanotechnology

Dr Thurecht is developing “smart” biomedical imaging devices that can diagnose, treat and monitor a therapy. This will be achieved through development of innovative imaging devices that “switch-on” when a particular drug is delivered to specific regions within the body. This will provide clinicians with unprecedented information on where a chemotherapeutic agent is being delivered, when it is being delivered and how much is being delivered to a particular site in the body. In this way, a unique treatment regime can be tailored for patients that have a particular disease.

Kris has a strong commitment to developing awareness within the community of scientific issues that affect society. He was featured in his local newspaper in which he discusses his scientific background, current scientific interests and his philosophy on science and its importance to society. He also wrote an online blog of the Royal Society of Chemistry, where he discussed his general outlook on science in society. Kris has also presented novel science to school-age children at the CSIRO in their science week activities while being actively involved in science communication to school children.

  • Molecular Imaging
  • Polymer Chemistry
  • Materials Chemistry
  • Nanotechnology
  • Chemistry