Dr Tamara Davis

Astrophysics, The University of Queensland
2011 Queensland Young Tall Poppy of the Year

Dr Davis’ research uses supernovae (exploding stars) to trace the expansion history of the universe, and measure how galaxies grow from the primeval soup that was the hot, dense early universe. She is testing the fundamental laws of physics, like Einstein’s theory of Relativity and Quantum Physics. In 2007, using supernovae to trace the expansion of the universe, Tamara was able to rule out two of the leading proposed models of quantum gravity. Now she is working with an Australian collaboration called WiggleZ, compiling the largest ever map of the 3D distribution of galaxies.

In addition to over 70 conference presentations or invited talks Tamara has given over 30 public talks, had three television appearances, a You-Tube feature, radio interviews and several dozen newspaper articles about her work. She has given the Siemens Science Experience talk, and the Young Achievers Program talk. She also participated in the ABC Café Scientific’s live panel discussion on “The Gloriously Messy Universe” as part of theQueensland book festival.

  • Physics
  • Astrophysics
  • Cosmology