Dr Siobhan Schabrun

Brain plasticity and Rehabilitation, The University of Queensland

In the last few decades, researchers have discovered that the brain is able to change or ‘rewire’ throughout life. This rewiring includes the creation of new connections between brain cells, strengthening important, commonly used connections and removal of inefficient or unused connections, known as plasticity. Using powerful non-invasive brain stimulation techniques, Dr Schabrun’s research investigates the processes that underpin brain plasticity with a key focus on the development of new therapies that promote brain plasticity with the aim of alleviating symptoms and improving function in common conditions such as stroke, chronic pain and incontinence.

Siobhan has been an active and enthusiastic participant in many programs such as Scientists in Schools, Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE), and Youth Parliament. She involved in community outreach projects (e.g. schools quiz), medical research week and science advocacy through her role on the ASMR Queensland branch committee. She also organises and co-ordinates the Research Incubator Program – a research immersion program aimed at inspiring and engaging undergraduate students in science.

  • Rehabilitation
  • Pain
  • Neuroscience
  • Medical Research