Dr Cormac Corr

The Australian National University
Research Field: Plasma Physics

Plasma – the fourth state of matter – plays a critical role in advanced technologies such as TV-displays, mobile phones, solar-cells, aerospace applications, high-efficiency lighting and biomedicine. It also has great potential to provide the cleanest form of electrical power through fusion energy, with negligible CO2 emissions and producing little long-term waste. Dr Corr’s research aims to supply new information on the interactions between plasma and its surrounding environment to achieve better engineering outcomes and provide real time monitoring solutions for fusion and technological applications.

Cormac has initiated novel ways to increase the understanding of this difficult research area to both scientific and non-scientific audiences. He designed and teaches the third year plasma physics course at the ANU, a course that he has also tailored for delivery to various institutions and interest groups.

  • Plasma Physics
  • Applied Physics
  • Physics