Dr Robert Shellie

Analytical Chemistry/Separation Science, University of Tasmania

Chromatography is a technique that allows scientists to separate mixtures so that the right amount of each component in the mixture can be measured.  Most of Dr. Shellie’s research is in a specialised area of chromatography called multidimensional chromatography.  This research has given rise to sensitive approaches for the analysis of a wide range of very complex mixtures.  For instance he has applied multidimensional chromatography to detect the presence of allergens in perfume and other cosmetic products.  This approach is now wideloy used by scientists in the European fragrance industry.

Dr Shellie has developed new approaches to characterise fuel spills to support scientists to clean up fuel spills.  He is also active in research that contributes to Australia’s National Security by developing chromatography approaches that can rapidly detect small traces of the types of explosives that might be used by terrorists.  Dr Shellie is very proud to be working to save the Tasmanian devil from the devastating facial tumour disease.

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