CSL Florey Next Generation Award

The CSL Florey Next Generation Award is a new award conferred to a current PhD candidate who has demonstrated outstanding capability, creativity and potential in the biomedical sciences and/or health and medical research. This award was developed from the CSL Young Florey Medal.

It has been developed to encourage and support promising health and medical researchers early in their careers, and to complement the Florey Medal which is awarded biennially to an Australian biomedical researcher for significant achievements in biomedical science or human health advancement, and is supported by CSL Limited.

The CSL Florey Next Generation Award includes a $20,000 prize, and two runner-up prizes of $2,500 each, thanks to the generosity of CSL Limited.

2022 CSL Florey Next Generation Award – Chloe Yap – Mater Research – University of Queensland.

Chloe and her colleagues performed the largest and most in-depth autism microbiome study to date, for the Australian Autism Biobank. They showed that children with autism were more likely to be picky eaters and that this was contributing to gut problems. The study provides clarity for families and puts the focus on good diet rather than the false hope of experimental and expensive microbiome treatments.

The two finalists are:

  • Jack Chan – the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
  • Jose Alquicira Hernandez – The Garvan Institute of Medical Research

Details of their research can be found here.

Previous recipients of the CSL Florey Next Generation Award

2020 CSL Florey Next Generation Award – Nicholas Sinclair

Australian PhD candidate is developing next generation deep brain stimulation (DBS) devices to treat Parkinson’s disease. Nicholas Sinclair, a biomedical engineer working in neuroprosthetics and neurostimulation therapies, has been awarded the 2020 CSL Florey Next Generation Award for top PhD candidate in health and biomedical sciences. Parkinson’s disease is one... ...Read More

2018 – Inaugural Recipient – Dr Hamish Graham

Oxygen halves child pneumonia deaths A Melbourne student researcher and doctor has helped Nigerian hospitals halve the number of children dying from pneumonia—just by improving training and access to oxygen. Dr Hamish Graham has been awarded with the inaugural $20,000 CSL Florey Next Generation Award for top PhD candidate in... ...Read More

2022 CSL Florey Next Generation Award

2022 CSL Florey Next Generation Award Winner Chloe Yap Mater Research Chloe Yap is a final year MD-PhD-GCBusLead candidate at the Mater Research Institute and the Institute for Molecular Bioscience, University of Queensland. Her doctoral thesis integrates deep phenotypic and multiomics data (genetic, epigenetic, gut metagenomic and blood metabolomic) from... ...Read More