AQ Volume 94, Issue 1

AQ 94.1 - January 2023

Magnitsky Law, Eisa Zarepour, And Justice For Iran

In 2012 a PhD student arrived at UNSW to start his degree on nanoscale communication technology on a scholarship program funded by the Iranian government. That man is now the Iranian government’s Minister of Communication and Information Technology and directly responsible for the internet blackouts used by the regime to quell protest, disrupt opposition, and obscure their crimes against their citizens. Australia already has some legislative tools to punish human rights abusers abroad – but when will they be deployed against those deserving sanction?

Anonymous Contributor

Woodside Ecocide. Gassing the Future

Midnight Oil’s last ever concert in Perth. There is a collective drawing of breath: the Oils are about to have a go at Woodside Energy, one of the most powerful actors in Western Australia, and among the ten largest oil and gas companies on earth. While the rest of the world is turning from fossil fuels, Australia is on the cusp of opening up gas projects in a locus of marine parks and whale migration routes – the next chapter in the decade long war of gaslighting, misinformation and willful destruction of the planet.

David Ritter

Fair Game: Lessons from Sport 

Australia is famous for its sporting achievements the world over, yet our performance on the sporting field is not matched by some of our economic and social indicators. Sport isn’t perfect, but it has lessons to teach us about building a fairer society and a stronger economy. Fundamentally, sport reminds us that when it comes to exercise – and the economy – participation matters.

Andrew Leigh 

Coming Down From The Summit: Longer-Term Labour And Economic Imperatives

The federal Jobs and Skills Summit of 1-2 September 2022 aimed to return high-level direction to a workforce impacted by a pandemic, uncertain markets and geopolitics, and economic dislocation. Yet are we at risk of once again pulling familiar, well-oiled economic levers, without truly understanding the consequences? The shape and structure of the economy has changed and faces unprecedented challenges – yet these challenges provide an opportunity to reform three decades of diffuse and often un-coordinated labour and industry policy.

David Wadley


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