AQ Volume 93, Issue 3 – Special Edition – Reform & Renewal

AQ 93.3 - 2022 Special Edition on Reform and Renewal - Out Now!

Has the leopard changed its spots? Has Australia really rejected negative, self-interested, two-party politics?

From the historic election results many people are sensing the mood for change across the country. In this year's special thematic edition of AQ we tackle this question head on: If there's an appetite for reform, then what actually needs to change?

It is all very well to reject your predecessor's agenda and vision, but what are the concrete steps a new government could take to start Australia on a path to a more equitable, prosperous, and collaborative country.

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Pieces of the Same Solution: Reimagining the Public Good

The election mobilised and engaged people like never before. For the first time in a long time, it feels like our nation isn’t trying to stop the future – but rather rise to the big challenges and embrace the big opportunities. Yet a new paradigm is needed – could we create a social and economic system based on the ‘Public Good’? What does the modern public good look like? And how is it informed by the topics of Connection, Care, and Contribution that many Australians want to see their society embrace?

Millie Rooney and Lily Spencer

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You Get What You Pay For: Tackling The Tax Taboo

It took decades of neoliberalism to destroy Australia’s public sector and, subsequently, trust in the institutions of governance. Australia’s public sector isn’t big enough to meet the challenges of the 21st century, good enough to meet the expectations of the Australian public, or well governed enough to cope with the inevitable expansion heading its way. If we are to return trust and capability to the system we must be bold, ambitious and, most of all, brave enough to tackle the modern tax taboo…

Richard Denniss

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How to Create an Infostructure to Protect Data as a Utility

Citizens need good data nearly as much as they need clean drinking water and stable electricity. As we increasingly rely on digital technology for our social, financial and political interactions, we need smarter systems for being able to trust the information we share and encounter. The Australian government needs to begin building a public, transparent, and most of all, trust-worthy ‘infostructure’ to make the most of this rich societal resource and secure the right to good data for its citizens.

Stephen Wilson

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Life on the Edge: Adapting Coastal Management in a Changing Climate

Australians love the coast – yet with climate change our coasts are becoming increasingly dynamic and at odds with our static and siloed perceptions of land ownership and coastal management. Disaster response is generally reactive and remedial, when our communities need to be developing long term, adaptive plans that are tailored to the values of those communities. Much can be done to improve coastal management in Australia but it needs to start with an inclusive, frank and supported discussion on the future of our coasts.

Hannah Power, Michael Kinsela, Thomas Murray, Andrew Pomeroy

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Setting the Agenda - Reform and Renewal

Reform and renewal are on the agenda after the dramatic shift heralded by the recent election. To get a broader sense of the steps we can take to start moving the country towards a more progressive, sustainable, and equitable future, AQ challenged some of Australia's key thought leaders to identify their top-priority reforms.

Featuring: Karen Mundine, Eva Cox AO, Anna-Maria Arabia, Duncan Blake

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