AQ Volume 92, Issue 2

AQ 92.2 - April 2021

Health Expertise and Covid-19 – Managing the Fear Factor

As Covid-19 raced across the globe, the leaders of almost every country were forced to rely on their health experts. Scientists and health advisors suddenly began appearing at the news conferences of the prime minister and premiers. Almost overnight, science went from the voice of inconvenient truths, to becoming a critical buttress to political authority. Yet how did this transformation take place, and what might be it say about the future of trust in politics.

Mark Evans and Michelle Grattan

The ‘New World’ is Old: Journeying Through Deep Time

What does the city say about we that live there? Samuel Alexander and Brendan Gleeson take a walk through the streets of Melbourne in search of enchantment and a new way to look at the fractured and hulking organism of modern urbanisation. The landscapes we have built are the maps through a deep history that not only disappears into the reaches of the past, but that also reaches around our hyper-connected world.

Samuel Alexander and Brendan Gleeson

No Advantage: Australia’s Legacy Caseload

30,000 people live in a political and bureaucratic limbo – this is Australia’s Legacy Caseload of Refugees. Unable to return home, and denied a path to residency, these people are ‘permanently temporary’, refused the opportunity to put down roots and substantively contribute to Australian society. These are Australia’s forgotten people and the trauma continuously inflicted on them by this state of purgatory is causing pain, misery and ultimately, death.

Grace Williams

 As Bad As It Looks: Australia’s Medici Cycle

On the first Monday in February each year, the political donations data lands with a thunk. Perusing the data is accompanied by a building sense of sleaze. The reality of the Australian economy is that it is dominated by a very small number of enormous companies, and these companies wield disproportionate power in politics. Is Australia now in a Medici Cycle, where economic and political and political power become self-reinforcing, to the exclusion of all else?

Lindy Edwards

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