AQ Back Issues 2019

AQ: Australian Quarterly has been published since 1929. Back issues of many issues are available for purchase.

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AQ Volume 90, Issue 4 – Special Edition

2019 Special Edition - AQ: Australian Quarterly 90.4 Gone are the days of Australia being able to project a laid-back, friendly image without international scrutiny. Currently, we’re considered a ‘bully’ in the Pacific, climate deniers in Europe, racists in Asia, and a model of admirable cruelty in Trump’s US. The... ...Read More

AQ Volume 90, Issue 3

AQ: Australian Quarterly 90.3 - July 2019 Open Access: Should one model ever fit all? The internet threatened to disrupt academic publishing substantially. Yet there has not been a widespread disruption of research publishing business models. But that is now changing. A massive wave of innovation and demand is forcing... ...Read More

AQ Volume 90, Issue 2

AQ: Australian Quarterly 90.2 - April 2019 State of the Nation: The Human Factor It’s the Brave New World of direct-to-consumer genetic testing. Trying to lose weight, you can go to the chemist and pick up a diet spit-kit. If you’re looking for romance, you can access ‘genetic match’ dating... ...Read More

AQ Volume 90, Issue 1

AQ: Australian Quarterly 90.1 - Jan 2019 Follow the desire lines - Remaking Australia If you woke up in the Australia of your dream, what would it look like? We live in an extraordinary moment. In the face of potentially massive environmental and social crisis lies opportunity for reinvention and... ...Read More