AQ Back Issues 2015

AQ: Australian Quarterly has been published since 1929. Back issues of many issues are available for purchase.

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AQ – Volume 86, Issue 1 – Special Edition

Getting Indigenous Kids into Science Indigenous Australians are vastly underrepresented in Australia’s scientific and research community. This is a significant issue from both an Indigenous perspective, as well as for the development of Australian science. A range of programs around the country is slowly gaining momentum to encourage Indigenous students... ...Read More

AQ – Volume 86, Issue 2

Getting Science in the Spotlight – AusSMC and Scimex For a decade the Australian Science Media Centre has been critical in raising the standard of evidence-based reporting in Australia’s print, online and TV media. Since first opening its doors in 2005 the media landscape has changed beyond recognition, including the... ...Read More

AQ – Volume 86, Issue 3

Glass Ceilings and Monastic Men: Keeping Women in Science Approximately 30% of research scientists world-wide are female. Yet unpack this percentage and you find that at PhD level science in Australia, well over 50% of students are often female! But the higher up the chain you climb, the lower the... ...Read More

AQ – Volume 86, Issue 4

The Race to Renewables Though modern political debate has shifted from the existence of climate change towards what our obligations are to combat it, the debate is no less heated. In the face of vacillating Federal commitments, many of Australia’s states and territories are now taking on the response themselves,... ...Read More