AQ Back Issues 2014

AQ: Australian Quarterly has been published since 1929. Back issues of many issues are available for purchase.

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AQ – Volume 85, Issue 1 – Special Edition

The Research Lottery Many scientists rely on NHMRC Project Grants and ARC Discovery Grants for their job or the jobs of their staff. They are highly competitive with only around 1 in 5 applications winning funding. Longer grant writing times, greater competition, and what of the ever present variable of... ...Read More

AQ – Volume 85, Issue 2

  Cutting Through the Clamour Australia’s dependence on coal cannot be overstated – it accounts for 74% of our domestic electricity generation and is the country’s second biggest commodity export earner. Yet many of the initiatives proposed to ween Australia off our fossil fuel addiction fail to appreciate this fact.... ...Read More

AQ – Volume 85, Issue 3

The Silent Genocide In 1961 the people of West Papua raised their new Morning Star flag and sang a national anthem, excited by the prospect of independence. The Indonesian response: to send in armed infiltrators and to assume a slow-moving genocide that has lasted 50 years. In December 2013 the... ...Read More

AQ – Volume 85, Issue 4

Justice: The Achilles‘ Heel of Democracy The objective of democracy is justice, whether it be in the realm of politics, the judicial process or elsewhere within society.  But justice is an elusive target and a difficult objective to achieve.  The possibility of justice is the privilege of a small minority... ...Read More