AQ Back Issues 2013

AQ: Australian Quarterly has been published since 1929. Back issues of many issues are available for purchase.

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AQ – Volume 84, Issue 1

    It’s Global Warming, Stupid - Perceiving Climate Change Global warming itself is almost impossible for us to sense. On any day the temperature might vary by up to 20°C. From winter minima to summer maxima the range is at least twice that. Over the last 100 years the... ...Read More

AQ – Volume 84, Issue 2

Beyond the bomb: Seeing through Australia’s nuclear fear ‘Nuclear’ headlines float above pictures of giant mushroom clouds; devastation—wrought by a powerful earthquake and tsunami—is paired with news coverage of the Fukushima nuclear crisis. It’s unsurprising that we as a society fear the atom. Yet these nuclear fears stem from a... ...Read More

AQ – Volume 84, Issue 3

Open Source Research – Competition, Cooperation or Both? Times, they are a changing. Where once academic papers were tightly controlled by publishing gatekeepers, we are now seeing a push towards Open Access science, where information is available to all, not just the few. In a world of shared information, Open... ...Read More

AQ – Volume 84, Issue 4

Revolution in the Wings: Developments in Open Access Science research advances because scientists, social scientists, researchers and scholars generally share their work, right? Standing on the shoulders of giants and all that? Well actually no. For about 200 years, the research literature has been largely restricted behind exclusionary pay-barriers, hindering... ...Read More