AQ – Volume 82, Issue 1

AQ Cover_Vol_82_Issue_1_2010The Sad Fate of the Social Sciences

In 1990, the eminent American political scientist Charles Lindblom published a book called Inquiry and Change: the troubled attempt to understand and shape society. In it, he argued that, despite the concerted effort of many thousands of social scientists working over the preceeding century, he could not identify ‘a single science finding or idea that is undeniably indespensable to any social task or effort.’ What are the particular difficulties facing contemporary social scientists and how relevant are Lindblom’s assertions today?

Jenny Stewart

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Political Secularism in Australia

At a time when religion apears to have dwindling significance in the day-to-day lives of an increasing number of Australians, there appears to be a rise in references to religion in the recent speeches of Australian politicians. Is this because clerics have an overwhelming influence on the voting habits of their declining congregations? Or, are there other factors at work?

Stephen Mutch

Effects of the Single Transferable Vote (STV) on Political Parties and Divided Societies

In Australia STV is, in principle, the electoral system used to elect Australian Senators. STV is a proportional electoral system intended to maintain the link between deputy and constituency. Does STV function as intended or does it have structural flaws that fragment some parties and exacerbate divisions in society?

Conrad E Copeland

Cricket Captains, Celebrity Cults and the Bullying Problem

Is the mainstream Australian media, and through it Australian society, being affected by the new electronic media? Are we now seeing the less inhibited and arguably more ruthless style of internet reporters and bloggers influencing traditional print and broadcast media? Will standards and regulations keep pace or will the comparatively lawless web invite more anarchy into the broader world?

Tony Smith

The Launch of the Gobal Youth Academy

James Tickner

ANC Tensions Keep Party Together

Daniel Silke

Abu Dhabi: The City that Grew out of a Desert

Val Wake

Review Essay – Historians and the First World War

George Parsons

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