AQ – Volume 81, Issue 2

Turnbull’s Turn

His has been the fastest rise into parliament, ministry and party leadership on the conservative side in the history of federation. Even so, Malcolm Turnbull is not in the best of times. His poll readings are about the lowest ever recorded, his party is divided and relations with the coalition party difficult and his policy pronouncements are read with scepticism within his party and without. This article, however, argues that Turnbull’s path into parliament, his age and his uncertain ideological stance combine to give him a small window of opportunity to be Australia’s next Prime Minister.

Geoffrey Hawker

Zuma Takes Office as Opposition Rises

South Africa’s election explained alongside an analysis of the ANC’s ability to secure yet another impressive victory. This time though, the opposition is more entrenched and President Zuma’s ability to deliver might be more curtailed than ever.

Daniel Silke

Ignorance Becomes Bliss? Responses to Epidemic Diseases in the Developed World

The current outbreak of swine flu reveals once again a remarkable aspect of life in the developed and western societies of the world. On the one hand, never in human history has such a situation emerged where the death rate from epidemic diseases has been so minimal as it has been since the 1940s in the developed world. On the other hand, never in human history have societies existed where the public at large has been so prone to panic in response to the emergence of a new threat of a pandemic involving a potentially life-threatening disease.

John Perkins

The Politics of Sorry

A few months into his new government, Kevin Rudd addressed Australia’s Federal Parliament to propose a resolution entitled ‘Apology to Australia’s Indigenous People.’ In his speech, Rudd declared that “the mood of the naton is for reconciliation between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians.” According to Sol Bellear, the Chair of the Refern-based Aboriginal Medical Service, “a lot of non-Aboriginal people seem to think that now the apology has been made, it’s the end of disadvantage and poverty for Aboriginal people. It’s not.”

James Patterson

Review Essay – Wounded Masculinity: The Robicheax novels of James Lee Burke

Tony Smith

Book Review – The Liberals: A History of the NSW Division of the Liberal Party of Australia 1945 – 2000 and Pillars of Power – Australian Institutions

Jeff Shaw

Hold the Front Page: Newspapers are not dead!

Rachel Morris

Cropping Tall Poppies

Elektra Spathopoulos

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