AQ – Volume 80, Issue 6

AQ Cover_Vol_80_Issue_6_2008The Great Depression Revisited

The current financial crisis and emerging “recession” has inevitably stirred memories of and comparisons with what became known as the “Great Depression” of the late 1920s and early 1930s. In that context it may be of interest to readers to peruse a selection of the responses published by Australian Quarterly in response to the latter phenomenon.

As befits a journal of then conservative hue, the contributions republished here reflect contemporary orthodox opinion on matters economic, with a shift towards entertaining more radical solutions as the downturn progressed. Economic nationalism became a dominant feature of the 1930s. The seemingly successful economies of the decade where those that managed to a high degree to isolate themselves from the world economy… Australia, however, dependent upon the export of primary produce, had little choice but to muddle through as best as it could.

John Perkins

The Cause of the Economic Depression (1931)

Professor T. H. Laby

The Gold Standard in Australia (1929)

A. C. Davidson

The Economic and Financial Outlook (1930)

Professor D. B. Copland

The Last Ditch: The Report of the Coplan Comittee (1931)

Dr. Gordon Wood

Inflation, Deflation, or Common Sense (1930)

Senator Sir Hal Colebatch

The Gold Standard and Australian Exchange (1931)

Professor D. B Copland

Australia in the Shadows (1933)

L. F. Giblin

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