AQ – Volume 80, Issue 3

The Second Transition – Hope and Fear

With less than a year before South Africa’s fourth democratic elections, the country finds itself gripped in a vice of political uncertainty, internal dissention and leadership transition. The end of the second (and final) term of President Thabo Mbeki’s rule has resulted in a timely but somewhat heavy-handed review of the past ten years of the post-Mandela era and to look to a new slate of leaders to take the country forward.

Daniel Silke

A Rocky Road to Democracy: Don Dunstan and the Forces of Darkness – Part 2

Former South Australian Premier Don Dunstan continues to be celebrated as an iconic figure in Australian Labor Party history. He was a passionate reformer whose achievements set the bench mark for the social reforms implemented around Australia since the late 1960s. This article addresses the contemporary possibilities for engendering a pro-active state interventionist program by focusing on how Dunstan addressed issues of equity, power, and opposition within that state.

Andrew Mack

‘Commonwealth Games’: Fraser’s Vision and Zimbabwe’s Road to Majority Rule

Zimbabwe has been an area of interest in Australia’s foreign policy for over twenty years.
Both countries were former British colonies and they have both been members of the Commonwealth. While the policies and actions of President Robert Mugabe have caused a great deal of focus on contemporary Zimbabwe, this paper instead revisits Rhodesia-Zimbabwe’s road to independence and majority rule, paying particular attention to the involvement of the Australian Prime Minister of the time, Mr Malcolm Fraser.

Melanie Coleman & Anna Hayes

Australian Multiculturalism Reframed

One of the notable features of the new political régime in Canberra has been its unwillingness to engage with immigration policy issues relating to recruitment or settlement. This reticence is baffling considering that the scarcity of labour remains a serious constraint on a rapidly expanding economy. Recently there has been a subtle shift in recruitment policy which has traditionally been based on permanent residency or migration for settlement. The long term policy implications of this significant change warrant careful scrutiny, particularly in relation to settlement policy.

Laksiri Jayasuriya

Letter to the Editor

Patrick Lavelle


Ian Willis

Valencia Creek
Roger Trowbridge

Forty Years On: The Ghosts of ‘68

Alan Barcan

Review Essay “The dark Somme flowing” and “the kindly bush”: Australians, the French and the Memory of War

George Parsons

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