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Australia and the world have changed a great deal since 1929, when AQ: Australian Quarterly was first published.

When Australia went to war, AQ was there documenting the mood of the nation; when Australia dismantled the White Australia Policy, AQ was the progressive voice urging for change; as Australia wrestled with its place in the world, AQ was there debating the issues as they affected Australians.

AQ is one of the country's great cultural artefacts. Whether it was past-Prime Ministers, nobel laureates or the great social thinkers of the time, AQ has provided a platform for the important debates facing Australia; and has been doing so for almost as long as Australia has been a federation.

Many recent back issues are available for purchase at a cost of $20 plus postage.

If you have academic access through your institution, you can access AQ's back issues through several online databases. The full collection of AQs right back to 1929 are available via JSTOR.

There are also a number of historical archive articles accessible via the AQ History page

To order back issues of AQ, please email with your request.

AQ Back Issues 2008 to 2021

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AQ Issues 2007 & Prior

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