Membership of the Australian Institute of Policy & Science is open to all individuals who agree to abide by the Institute’s constitution and whose application is supported by a current Institute member and approved by Directors.

Full membership includes subscription to AQ – Australian Quarterly as well as discounts on the Institute’s events and the opportunity to vote at the Institute’s Annual General Meeting.

Associate membership, which is free but does not carry voting rights, is available to all former Tall Poppies, Florey Medallists and others invited by the Board through the Company Secretary. Associate members also enjoy a subscription to AQ – Australian Quarterly and some disounts on Institute events.

Established in 1932, the Institute has a long history. Many prominent figures in Australian public affairs and leading scientists, have been or continue to be members.

Membership of AIPS operates on a calendar year basis.

To apply online and pay by credit card, visit the Membership Registration Site

Alternatively, to apply by fax or post download membership form