Dr Sarah Meachem

Dr Sarah Meachem, PhD Monash University joined the Board in 2016 and is an academic research scientist and health research advocate.

She completed her PhD at Monash University in 1999 where she studied reproduction.

She is the author of more than 80 publications and has also engaged in numerous leadership and advocacy roles in the broader Australian health sector. Significant roles include the President of the peak advocacy Society for Health and Medical Research, the Associate Director of the Children Cancer Institute Australia and a Senior Leader at the National Health and Medical Research Council Australia.

Currently she is a Manager for the co-badged PhD International Research Training Program between Germany and Australia and serves on the Advisory Group to the Board of the ASMR and is the Chair of the national steering group, Toward an Integrated Healthcare System.

Her awards include the Australian Leadership award for her vision for the nation’s health sector and in 2007 she received a Victorian Tall Poppy Award for research and communication excellence and am the ambassador of the program.